Umemoto was baptized as a Catholic soon after birth and grew up with church music, which led him to Western music. His childhood was also shaped by Japan's otaku culture in Akihabara's Electric Town, where he was exposed to 'dempa' songs through his father's influence. These varied musical backgrounds blend in his work. In "Song of the Data Angel," Umemoto captures an angel managing the data of all worlds through song and dialogue. He employs the "OtoMAD" technique, layering and amassing...

Collaborating with composer Yuri Umemoto, trumpeter Reiya Terakubo, pianist Quon, and vocalist Aiki Hayashi, this music transcends genres, blending jazz, classical, and contemporary sounds. Their three-track single pays homage to the music of Carlo Gesualdo, an Italian composer of the late Renaissance. Like a still-life painting depicting the pessimism of death and the emptiness of life, it delves into the depths of human emotions. "will i never understand falling in love?" is an "aromantic...

Yuri Umemoto - Music for Fashion show (excerpt), "pays des fées" 2024 S/S at Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO 2024 S/S. pays des fées 2024 Spring/Summer collection "Under Wateround" August 29th, 2023, Rakuten Fashion Week TOKYO Pumping Station at the Former Mikawashima Sewage Disposal Plant (旧三河島汚水処分場喞筒場施設) Composition : Yuri Umemoto Soprano : Momoko Mizue Viola : Koko Kusakabe Hair&make : Chiaki Hino Styling : Iyo Kondo Textile artwork : Kenichi Nagai Movie : Azusa...
Yuri UMEMOTO / 梅本佑利 - 'aug.hocketl' for cello and electronics performed by Kei Yamazawa / 山澤慧, cello Recorded at "Mind Tree Vol.9" Tokyo Concerts Lab. on 21st of July 2023.

Yuri Umemoto - Endless Haruhi Scale (2023) Anime "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" in its 2009 version, episodes 12 to 19, known as the "Endless Eight" arc (based on the fifth volume of the "Haruhi Suzumiya" series, "The Rampage of Haruhi Suzumiya"), depicts a science-fiction narrative of "time loops." The main character and her friends repeat a two-week period a total of "15,532 times." The anime broadcast experimentally extended this storyline over eight episodes, spanning two months, with...
Performed by Yuri Umemoto Recorded in Aichi, Japan in May 2023. "but....you're a minor right?" is music for piano (and fixed media). It can be performed solo or with multiple pianos (up to 5 parts) using multiple recordings. The fixed media is sampled from existing anime, and the melody is a scale generated from the pitch of the words. The words here combine the function of musical development (triggering phasing) as well as shaping the lyrical narrative.

Anime Phenomenological Reduction for choir (anime voices) performed by students of Aichi University of the Arts, Faculty of Arts and Music 「アニメ・現象学的還元」 合唱(アニメ声)のための 演奏: 愛知県立芸術大学 音楽/美術学部の学生 --- "Anime Phenomenological Reduction" is a piece intended for mixed choir (anime voices). The choir imitates the vocalization by sampling voice from existing anime (with reference to pitch-analyzed sheet music) and...
Me and "Otaku" - Yuri Umemoto [eng bellow]