I Languish and Die

I Languish and Die

Collaborating with composer Yuri Umemoto, trumpeter Reiya Terakubo, pianist Quon, and vocalist Aiki Hayashi, this music transcends genres, blending jazz, classical, and contemporary sounds. Their three-track single pays homage to the music of Carlo Gesualdo, an Italian composer of the late Renaissance. Like a still-life painting depicting the pessimism of death and the emptiness of life, it delves into the depths of human emotions.


"will i never understand falling in love?" is an "aromantic love song" composed by Umemoto. The musical language draws inspiration from Gesualdo's chromatic techniques. Track 3 features a one-minute solo by Hayashi, while Track 1 offers a jazz interpretation with trumpet improvisation by Terakubo.


"I Languish and Die" is a jazz arrangement by Umemoto based on Gesualdo's 5-voice madrigal "Languisco e moro." Quon provides piano reharmonizations, and together with Terakubo, they deliver an ethereal improvisational performance.


The artwork draws from the Vanitas of 17th-century painter Franciscus Gijsbrechts.

Yuri Umemoto, Reiya Terakubo, Quon, Aiki Hayashi

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「will i never understand falling in love?(私は恋を永遠に理解できないの?)」は、梅本が作曲したアロマンティックなラブソング。詩は、音が紐づけられた単語の並べ替えによって遊戯的に文章を連ねている。音楽語法は、ジェズアルドの半音階的な手法にインスパイアされている。トラック3では林による1分間のソロ、トラック1ではトランペットのアドリブによるジャズ的な解釈を提示する。


「I Languish and Die(私は衰弱して死ぬ)」は、ジェズアルドが作曲した5声のマドリガル「Languisco e moro」をもとに梅本がジャズアレンジ。玖吽がピアノのリハーモナイズを施し、寺久保と共に、浮遊感のある即興演奏を行う。




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