Yuri Umemoto was born in 2002 in Tokyo, Japan. He started composing at the age of fifteen. His works have been performed at important festivals and concerts such as "Born Creative Festival" (Dai Fujikura, Artistic Director, Tokyo Metropolitan Theater), Akiyoshidai’s Summer Contemporary Music Festival and in many other concerts around the world with various ensembles and performers. His work was selected for the BBC Proms, Young Composer program.

His composition concept is to connect the "story consumption" of Western classical music with consumerist Japanese culture.  And he presents a "superflat" in music.

 He is also active in collaboration, such as premiere new work using the AI ensemble system jointly developed with Yamaha Corporation and orchestral work in collaboration with Akiko Yamane.

He studied composition from 2018 to 2021 with Motoharu Kawashima at the Tokyo College of Music High School and currently studying at the Aichi University of the Arts.









これまでの出演/発表歴に、ボンクリフェス(東京芸術劇場)、BBCプロムス・ヤングコンポーザー、Endless Imaginary(ライゾマティクス)、Tokyo Music Evening Yube(豊島区)、仙台クラシックフェスティバル等がある。







2019年 ボンクリフェス(東京芸術劇場)

2019年 ACOUSTICLUB Vol.4(Tokyo Media Interaction)

2020年 BBCプロムス・ヤングコンポーザー(英国放送協会)

2021年 Endless Imaginary(ライゾマティクス)

2021年 Tokyo Music Evening Yube(豊島区)

2021年 仙台クラシックフェスティバル

2021年 展示・パフォーマンス「ごちゃまぜ☆ライフ」(仲町の家)



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