Yuri Umemoto


Composer born in Tokyo in 2002, debuted in 2018. He has worked with prominent performers of contemporary music in Japan and abroad, creating works that connect Western music and Japanese subcultures. His collaborative works include the orchestral piece "Oo./x" with composer Akiko Yamane, a collaboration with graphic artist Lee Kan kyo, and a new piece developed in collaboration with Yamaha Corporation. In 2023, he worked on an official arrangement of Ryuichi Sakamoto's work for a Japanese TV program.


He has been Born Creative Festival (2019, Tokyo Metropolitan Theater), BBC Proms Young Composer (2020) Endless Imaginary (2021, Rhizomatiks), Tokyo Music Evening Yube (2021), Sendai Classic Festival (2021), Spring Festival in Tokyo (2022), Kanagawa Prefectural Music Hall project, BtoC (Tokyo Opera City Cultural FoundationAmong others performed at many festivals and events.


Also, His works have been broadcast on NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation), TV Asahi, and other radio and TV. In 2023, he composed the music for the pays des fées 2024 S/S collection fashion show at Tokyo Fashion Week.

He graduated from Tokyo College of Music High School and is currently a student at Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music (composition).


Umemoto is the founder of the artist collective - mumyo with Akiko Yamane and Tatsuki Narita, and he is the president of mumyo llc.



2019 Born Creative Festival (2019, Tokyo Metropolitan Theater)

2019 ACOUSTICLUB Vol.4(Tokyo Media Interaction)

2020 BBC Proms Young Composer

2021 Endless Imaginary (2021, Rhizomatiks)

2021 Tokyo Music Evening Yube (Toshima City)

2021 Sendai Classic Festival

2022 Solo exhibition 'Phone Music' feat, Lee Kankyo(METEOR)

2022 Spring Festival in Tokyo

2022 Kanagawa Prefectural Music Hall work in progress

2022 Hakone Ongakunomori Music Festival 2022

2023 'Gothic and Lolita' (mumyo)

2023 BtoC (Tokyo Opera City Cultural Foundation)



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