Plastic Vagina

Plastic Vagina (2022)

for violin

Premiere: Spring Festival in Tokyo 2022 on March 24, 2022 in The Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo, 

performance by Tatsuki Narita.

"Plastic Vagina" for solo violin (2022)


 The Japanese "onahole" (pocket pussy) is the embodiment of a minimum female genitalia created as a male sexual object.

 "Highly functional sexual organs" with anatomy are produced and consumed in large quantities as "commodities.

 The packaging of "onahole," displayed in large quantities in stores, depicts the obscene language, a cross-sectional view of the vagina, and the anime character "ahegao" (O-face), and is excessively colorful and pop in pink and primary colors.

 The "functions" and "structures" that stimulate sexual organs and desires are minimum deformed, artificial "organs" with anatomy built for the sexual object.

 In this work, I attempted to express the grotesque discomfort behind the pop aspect by replacing it with a musical structure.

 The music is a very minimum structure of repeating major scales and their intersections, and the score is written entirely in eighth notes.

 There are two sections, and although the notes are the same in each section, the playing technique is different in the first section and the second section.

In the first section, the vibrato is excessive and extremely uniform, while in the second section, the trills are applied to all notes except for the overtones, and the bow is played with a circular bow that is almost an up-and-down motion.


Yuri Umemoto