Yuri Umemoto - Moe²Girl

Moe²Girl 萌え²少女

for any instrument(s) and wav

 「萌え²少女」,「萌え²少女 #2」(2022)は、独奏楽器とwav音源のための連作である。音源は、声優との共同作業で収録された「アニメ声」によるいくつかのセリフを、DAW上で編集して制作された。独奏楽器は音源のピッチを模倣したり、ずらしながら演奏する。単語や文章として認識できるセリフを「スピーチ・メロディ」の手法で扱うほか、発音を一音ずつ母音の箇所で切り刻み、言葉の意味を失った、還元的な(音そのものとしての)アニメ声の素材が各所に用いられている。






2022年9月14日 梅本佑利


*) 西洋音楽で用いられる「スピーチ・メロディ」の手法は、「音MAD」における「台詞イントネーション作曲」と呼ばれる手法と、ほぼ同義であると言えるだろう。

'Moe²Girl', 'Moe²Girl #2' (2022) is a series of pieces for instrument(s) and wav sound sources. The sound sources were created by editing on a DAW some lines in "anime voice" that were recorded in collaboration with voice actors. The solo instrument mimics or shifts the pitch of the sound source. In addition to treating lines recognizable as words or sentences in the manner of "speech melody," reductive (as sound itself) anime voice material is used throughout, in which the pronunciation is chopped at the vowel point one note at a time, losing the meaning of the words.

 In 'Moe² Girl,' the former technique is used throughout the piece, while #2 consists solely of the latter.

 The purpose of this work is to musically present the "sound object" of words uttered in the Japanese "anime voice" or "moe voice".

 The Japanese Internet culture known as "otoMAD," which uses material sampled from existing anime, games, etc., has greatly influenced this works. In addition, the "speech melody" technique*) treated in 'Moe² Girl' is directly influenced by Steve Reich and Jacob ter Veldhuis (Jacob TV). It basically imitates the pitch of microtonal speech with instrumental tonalities, as used by Steve Reich in "Different Trains" (1988), but in this work, no coherent "story" is intended, spun by the words used and the concatenation of words. 


 'Moe²Girl' was an experiment to explore the possibility of incorporating materials such as "anime voices," "moe voices," and "girls(shoujo) voices" into musical expression, and the semantic content of the words was used almost directly in the music. In #2, however, the semantic content was pulled out and converted into semiotic content by thoroughly mutilating the words. By presenting these symbols with an excessive amount of information, the artist sought the possibility for the listener to reinterpret the material in a constructionist/constructivist way. For the artist, "moe" and "girl"(shoujo) here have no substance.


September 14, 2022 Yuri Umemoto


*) The "speech melody" method used in Western music is almost synonymous with the method called "speech intonation composition" in "otoMAD".


2022年9月22日, 東京コンサーツラボ, 「マインドツリーvol.8」にて、山澤慧により初演。

Commissioned by Kei Yamazawa.

WP is in Tokyo Concerts Lab., Tokyo Japan, September 22, 2022, performed by Kei Yamazawa.