Yuri Umemoto - i'm scared of dying. what do i do? (2023) for violin

Yuri Umemoto - i'm scared of dying. what do i do? (2023) for violin

梅本佑利「死ぬのが怖いです。どうしたらいいですか?」  - 独奏ヴァイオリンのための(2023)



2023年4月23日 梅本佑利




「i'm scared of dying. what do i do?(死ぬのが怖いです。どうしたらいいですか?)」は、2023年の3月下旬に作曲され、同年4月2日に東京で行われた演奏会「ゴシック・アンド・ロリータ」のアンコール・ピースとして、ヴァイオリニストの成田達輝によって初演された。




"i'm scared of dying. what do i do?" Like the endless posts on the internet and Q&A sites, I always feel terribly afraid of dying. But venting online doesn't change anything. It seems like since becoming a teenager, I've become more and more afraid of the fear of death day by day. What is life? What is death? For example, do artists die when their works are forgotten by humanity forever? They decay. They erode. Memories fade. I think those are what I fear most. Maybe I'm doing art for the sake of immortality. Why does everyone have to die when they're working so hard to live?


April 23, 2023, Yuri Umemoto




"i'm scared of dying. what do i do?" was composed in late March 2023 and premiered on April 2nd of the same year at the "Gothic and Lolita" concert in Tokyo as an encore piece, performed by violinist Tatsuki Narita.




Encore piece for "Gothic and Lolita" on April 2, 2023 in BUoY, Tokyo.

Performed by Tatsuki Narita. / 成田達輝

Violin: Antonio Stradivari, 1711 'Tartini'

使用楽器:アントニオ・ストラディヴァリ, 1711「タルティーニ」

Costume designer: Lim Asafuji (Pays des fées) / 朝藤りむ

Videographer: Ten Goto / 後藤天

Lighting designer: Makoto Uemura / 植村真

Copyright ©︎ 2023 by Yuri Umemoto - All Rights Reserved.

*This video was recorded at matinee (camera rehearsal).