"Moe²Girl" 萌え²少女」

by Yuri Umemoto (2022)



1. Moe²Girl 「萌え²少女」

2. Moe²Girl  #2「萌え²少女 #2」

"Dream Sandwich"

solo works of Yuri Umemoto



1. Dream Sandwich for electric guitar performed by Gaku Yamada

2. REMS for violin performed by Tatsuki Narita

3. Euangélion for guitar performed by Nene Yokomura

4. Automatism 2 for cello performed by Soshi Hara

5. Mopohophony for piano performed by Nobuaki Sato

6. Flying for flute performed by Rio Takahashi

7 .Barocco Machine for cello performed by Soshi Hara

8. Psychedelic Candy for clarinet performed by Anju Aoto

9. Dawning for guitar performed by Luís Miguel Leite

10. One Stroke for piano performed by Nanako Sugiura

11. Wood Egg for guitar performed by Nene Yokomura

12. Landscape Erode in to A for vibraphone performed by Mizuki Aita

13. cuddly for any instrument(s) (version for piano) performed by Nobuaki Sato