Yuri Umemoto - "but...you're a minor, right?" for piano (2023)

Yuri Umemoto - "but...you're a minor, right?" for piano (2023)

Performed by Yuri Umemoto

Recorded in Aichi, Japan in May 2023.



"but....you're a minor right?" is music for piano (and fixed media). It can be performed solo or with multiple pianos (up to 5 parts) using multiple recordings.

The fixed media is sampled from existing anime, and the melody is a scale generated from the pitch of the words. The words here combine the function of musical development (triggering phasing) as well as shaping the lyrical narrative.

梅本佑利 -「でも…未成年でしょ?」ピアノのための (2023)

"but...you're a minor right?" (でも...未成年でしょ?)は、ピアノ(とフィクスド・メディア)のための音楽である。多重録音を用いてソロ、または複数台(最大5パート)のピアノを用いて演奏してもよい。



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