VM_1.0 [trailer]

Yuri Umemoto: VM_1.0 (2022)

for virtual reality, performers and audience


"VM_1.0" is a work for virtual reality, performers and audience. Virtual music is created by using the three-dimensional coordinates and information triggered by the performer in a virtual space where the participants wear VR goggles to access the music and space. The virtual space and the real space (concert hall) are isolated with the latter projecting the former's third-person perspective. - Yuri Umemoto


Concept, Composition, Direction: Yuri Umemoto

VR Technical Team: Kosaku Namikawa, Yuta Okuyama, Yuga Tsukuda

Performers: Chiharu Taki (virtual violin), Shota Nakano (virtual piano)

Kanagawa Prefectural Music Hall


梅本佑利 - VM_1.0(2022)





作曲・コンセプト・ディレクション: 梅本佑利

技術協力: 浪川洪作、奥山裕大、佃優河

演奏: 滝千春(バーチャルヴァイオリン)、中野翔太(バーチャルピアノ)