Solo String works

Connecting Pyotr (2019) 

for violin, first performance by Tatsuki Narita

/ MUZA Kawaki, Tokyo

● Sensus (2019) 

for viola, video and live electronics

first performance by Riku Richard Omori (Vla.)

Tokyo Media Interaction, ACOUSTICLUB Vol.4

● Barocco Machine (2019)

for cello

first performance by Soshi Hara


● Automatism 2 (2019)

for cello

first performance by Soshi Hara

/ マルシャリンホール

● Wood Egg (2019)

for guitar

to Karol Samuelčík, first performance by Karol Samuelčík in Slovakia

/ Japan premiere : performance by Nene Yokomura, Yuri Umemoto Works Vol.2 in Tokyo College of Music H.S. 

● Automatism 1a, 1b (2018)

for solo violin

first performed by Maiko Matsuoka

Ensemble Akiyoshidai vol.1 in Tokyo

Solo Woodwind works

● Flying (2019)

for solo flute

first performed by Rio Takahashi

/ Nishinihon Doseikai concert in Tokyo

Solo Percussion works

● Landscape Erode in to A (2019)

for vibraphone

first performance by Mizuki Aita

打楽器百花繚乱Ⅵ in Tokyo

Solo Japanese instrument works

● Gefälschte Spiegel (2018)

for shakuhachi

to Reison Kuroda