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All digital scores and of Yuri Umemoto are available to purchase from here. Some are shown below,
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Full list of works on sale

Work for Solo (PRICE: ¥2500 (YEN))


●Automatism 1a, 1b (2018) for solo violin

●Automatism 2 (2019) for cello

●Barocco Machine (2019) for cello

●Connecting Pyotr (2019) for violin- Encore piece for Tchaikovsky's

violin concerto

●cuddly for piano (for easy piano)

●Dawning (2020) for guitar

●Dianzi Xiaochi! (2020) for vibraphone

●Dream Sandwich (2020) for electric guitar

●Doremi (2020) for voice

●Enbai for Hichiriki

●Euangélion Two pieces for Guitar (2018)

●Flying (2019) for flute

●Fragrance (2020) for guitar

●Jelly Beans (2020) for harpsichord

●Landscape Erode in to A (2019) for vibraphone

●Mopohophony (2019) for piano

●Paganining (2020) for violin - paganini variations

●Psychedelic Candy (2020) for clarinet

●REMS (2019) for violin

●Single Breath (2020) for clarinet

●Silent Excitement (2019) for clarinet

●Super Bach Boy (2020) for cello

●Wood Egg (2019) for guitar

Work for Chamber, Ensemble (PRICE: ¥3500 (YEN))

●Swish and Flick for bassoon + oboe and string trio

●Ghosts for 2 clarinets

●Filter for 2 clarinets (A+B♭clarinet)

●cuddly for clarinet and piano

●Dreaming Brain (2019) for string trio

●Ghosts (2019) for clarinet duo

●IAAT (2019) for violin, viola, cello and piano

●Lost Drop (2019) for 3 flutes, 3violins and percussion

●Sounvity (2018) for 2 violins and percussion


Work for Orchestra (PRICE: ¥4000 (YEN))


●Elegy (2018) for violin and string orchestra

●Intercosmos for Orchestra

●miniminicosmos (2019) for orchestra

●Swish Swoosh Woosh (2019) for orchestra


Work for Any Instrument(s) (PRICE: ¥1500 (YEN))

●cuddly for any instrument(s)

●Different Times for any instrument (for remote multi-track recording

 or live concert performance)


Yuri Umemoto, Super Bach Boy T-Shirts

Yuri Umemoto, Super Bach Boy T-Shirts

「スーパーバッハボーイ」SUPER BACH BOY (2020) オリジナルTシャツ(顔・カラー)


Basic T-shirt (typeB)

「スーパーバッハボーイ」SUPER BACH BOY (2020) オリジナルTシャツ(顔・モノクロ)


Basic T-shirt (typeB)

「スーパーバッハボーイ」SUPER BACH BOY (2020) オリジナルTシャツ


Basic T-shirt (typeB)