Different Times for any instruments (for remote multi-track recording or live concert performance)

version 1 (4 players)

This piece of music was commissioned by Ensemble Free and was composed amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

When it comes to remote performances, some may think of editing, rewriting, and clicking a few buttons. Perhaps some may prefer live concerts, but not this time. Remote performances give us the chance for musicians to NOT listen to one another. Performance time and musical sense. Each performer has a kind of their own. These little differences that occur are what makes the music unique. That’s why they don’t play in sync or look at the conductor.

These discrepancies in music has always been an interesting element. Vocal choirs and minimalistic music may display it obviously, however it can also show through unison. The musicians' distinct style, voice, volume, instrument, timing… all these elements are different across each performer. These all combine to create an indescribable acoustic in an environment where listening to one another is the main key.

However, in current circumstances remote work has become the norm. The difficulty to find time altogether and share music in the same environment is higher than ever. In this remote performance, you will see that same piece of music is being played, however the style is solely up to the musician. They will have no influence on or from others. An unexpected and harmonious gap is born.

Yuri Umemoto

(This piece was composed so that it could be performed remotely. In a normal performance, it is inevitable that performers listen to one another, therefore there is no way the musician will not be influenced. If this was to be performed on a stage, the musicians will be required to wear ear plugs.)