REMS for solo violin

2017 © Yuri Umemoto
2017 © Yuri Umemoto
REMS for violin




REMS for Violin

This piece is a short solo work that Tatsuki Narita requested for me to compose. When I saw Mr.Narita’s performance by chance, it was such a transcending skill, listening to the grain of sound one by one as you close your eyes, almost like a dream, It was as if I was in a sea of deep thoughts. The name REMS comes from the image that I felt at that time; REMS is a sleep phase in which your brain goes through deep dreaming. Virtuoso elements appear between precise incentives nuanced in a relaxed recollection that gradually increases in frequency. The piece ends in a bird’s eye view of the overall piece. 

Yuri Umemoto

2019年10月2日, 梅本佑利