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I wrote and edited "a feature on Contemporary Music" at school magazine "VOICE" at Tokyo College of Music High School.


This time I posted a message to young musicians about "the importance of contemporary music", an interview with Motoharu Kawashima, a composer.


I think that it became very interesting contents, so please have a look.

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特集 現代音楽

企画︰東京音楽大学付属高等学校 現代音楽部


■ 音楽は何故この世に存在し続けたか 





■ クラシック音楽界で現代音楽は避けて通れない



■ 音楽を殺さないために




…そういえば、今日はちょうど 105 年前にストラヴィンスキーの「春の祭典」が初演された日であります。



 2018 年 5 月 29 日 高校 1 年 梅本 佑利

作曲家 川島素晴先生 インタビュー







これからの時代、最も大切なのは、自分にしかできない表現を見つけることです。とうの昔に AI が完勝している将棋ですら、人は、人を観ることをやめません。初音ミクが歌い、アンドロイドがピアノを弾く今、自分らしく、生の表現を極めることが求められていますし、それが叶うなら、必ず道は拓けます。私は、真の個性的な芸術家こそ、最後まで生き残る稼業なのではないかと、楽観しています。








8 月 9 日に東京で個展を開催予定。


川島素晴 works vol.2 by 神田佳子

"a feature on  Contemporary Music"

Project ︰ Tokyo College of Music High School Contemporary Music Club

On the importance of young musicians and contemporary music

■Why does music continue to exist in this world?

From olden days to the present ‘music’ has developed and evolved through the 

relationship between composers and performers in each era.

Music that was going on at that time was born on the spot and played.

Activated by being played music continued to exist.

However, young people today are losing interest in music that is currently in progress. It is because they have forgotten to ask themselves ;Why does music continue to exist in this world.’

■Contemporary music cannot be avoided in the classical music world.

It is often the case that you become an adult without listening to contemporary music when you are young, upset with the challenges of classical  music in international competitions and only notice the importance of contemporary music for the first time in adulthood.

However. This is almost as reckless as a person who has not listened to any classical music before becoming an adult, then becomes an adult and participates in an international competition.

■In order not to kill music 

Listen to contemporary music and play it. Talk about contemporary music. This time is the time when you can realize how important this is; you can be ‘a musician living in the present age’.

If you foster a little interest in contemporary music, it will not die as it is said that ‘music is born on the spot , communicated to the audience by the relationship between performers and composers living in that era, so thatmusic continues to live in music’.

Therefore, I sincerely hope that I will not forget that music continues to evolve and be as a result of this.

By the way, today id the day when Stravinsky’s ‘The Rite of Spring” was premiered just 105 years ago.

Today everyone says ‘it is a masterpiece among the greatest masterpieces.’ 

That being said, it is well known through the textbook that the premiere caused a big uproar, and the police were involved with major injuries sustained. 

I do not know the songs, goodness”  “I am not interested in new music” Do you have the same ideas as those people?  I would like to ask young people 

to study contemporary music of the same generation.

Interview with Motoharu Kawashima

- "What is the attraction of contemporary music?"

As an audience, first and foremost, you can experience the unknown world. You can deal with different music views by each composer, interpret it freely against the expression you were born, and deepen your thought yourself.

As a musician, in addition to the above, being able to collaborate with existing composers, that is, involved in creation at the site where music is born, is particularly important as a musician living the present age. If it penetrates into everyday life, inevitably, when heading to the classical repertoire, it is now possible to dialogue with the deceased composer on its own.

And as a composer, it is freed from all constraints and freely expresses itself. A journey to find and refine music that only you can do is a pleasure to live. 

- "Messages to Attached High School Students aspiring Musicians"

The future that artificial intelligence deprives every job from mankind is told in truth. Indeed, the future of musicians is never bright and most of the music work, including composers, will die. But that is the same in every industry, not only music.

In the future, the most important thing is to find expressions that only you can do. Even chess that AI has won in a long ago, people do not stop watching people. As Miku Hatsune sings and Android plays the piano, it is required that you express yourself and your expression as if you are yourself, and if that is fulfilled it will definitely open the way. I am optimistic that a truly unique artist is the work that survives to the end.


Motoharu Kawashima


Composer, Kunitachi College of Music, Associate Professor. Known as a work that composes "action music" based on "laughter structure" which regards music as a result of performance acts, he continues a novel approach to various problems in contemporary music.


Darmstadt International Summer Courses Kuranihistein Music Award, Akutagawa Composition Award, Toshi Ichiyanagi Contemporary Award and many others.